Build your episodes the way you think about your episodes.

Each episode of your show is not one long block. It's your intro, your content, your ads, and whatever else you make of it. With Shortwave's clip stitching, you can build an episode from those pieces, and then rebuild it later.

Dynamic content

Greater than the sum of its parts.

Build an episode visually in the browser. Upload as many clips as you want, from as many categories as you want.

Preview, remove, and shuffle the clips and save a draft at any time. Once you're ready, stitch them together into one streamable file for your audience.

Your clip library

A place for everything. Everything in its place.

Clips are automatically saved to your library as you upload them and attach them to episodes of your podcasts.

The next time you're building an episode, all the clips you reuse are right there to stitch in.

You can also upload clips for later use without attaching them to individual episodes.

Stitching, Processing, and Transcoding

A creation platform that grows with you.

As your hobby evolves into your profession, your needs for a creation and editing platform change. That's why we built Shortwave's clip stitching and transcoding features to grow alongside your show.

Clip stitching and processing are available to everyone, on every plan. Stitching clips into a single episode's audio is done by a process called transcoding, which allows us combine and normalize audio from a set of input files.

Our plans come with a certain threshold of free transcoding hours per month so that you are able to build your show. And on-demand transcoding is optional for any episode that's only one clip.

If you have a show that demands regular content or ad switching, you can continue to transcode audio at a rate pro-rated by the minute. We're excited for you to start your show, and even more to help it grow.

Free transcoding hours

This one's on us.

We want to encourage you to start your show right away. Shortwave Hobby plans come with 5 free hours of transcoding per month, and Professional plans double that to 10 free hours.

Start your free trial with an immediate 2 hours, too!

Get started for free.

On-demand processing

Only pay for what you use.
Crazy, right?

If you're processing enough audio to use up your free hours allotment, you can continue to transcode at our transparent standard rate afterward.

If you're creating an episode with only one clip, you can skip the transcoding queue and immediately process your audio. Plus, any single-clip episode that you choose not to transcode does not count toward your free transcoding time.

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