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Shortwave is more than just a hosting platform, it's the best place to build your podcast, grow your audience, and monetize your entire catalog of episodes with dynamic content and ads.

Browser Clip Stitching

Make your show.
Then make it again.

Manage your shows, seasons, episodes, and clips all visually in the browser. Upload an entire episode, or separate clips for your preroll, intro, content, ads, and outro.

Then reuse, remix, and remake them. We handle combining the clips and uploading them as one streamable file for your audience.

Learn more about about clip stitching.

On-the-fly Ad Updates

Monetize your episodes.

Your show shouldn't be a time capsule. Upload the audio of your show and your ads separately. Then, swap them out when you want. Continue to monetize older episodes while you're building your audience.

HD Audio

The highest audio quality available.

Every time we process your show's audio, we create a 192kb/sec MP3 - the highest bitrate of any podcast platform. So your show sounds as great as it did when you recorded it.

Learn more about about audio processing.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze, optimize, grow.

Get smarter analytics around who is listening to your episodes, and how. Dive deep into per-episode metrics, and get actionable insights from audience trends across your show's entire catalog.

No Bandwidth Cap

Unlimited episodes.
Unlimited downloads.

We want you to make as much as possible. With every subscription, we offer unlimited cloud storage for your shows, and unlimited streaming from your listeners. No need to worry about hitting bandwidth caps.

RSS Uploading

Switching from another platform?
We've got you covered.

Shortwave's RSS reader lets you import every episode of your show simply by pasting a link. We parse every episode of your show, and reupload it to our servers, so when you're ready to start making with Shortwave, your show is ready to go.

  • Searchable online clip library
  • Dynamic embeddable audio player
  • Customizable podcast websites
  • Social, subscription, and donation links
  • Always-available cached RSS links
  • Chat and email support
Additional Features

Not to mention...

Shortwave has an entire suite of tools to help you organize, publish, share, embed, and build a website for your podcast, along with guides to help you every step of the way.

14 Day Free Trial

Get started for free.

Want to try out Shortwave before you commit? We don't blame you. Every subscription comes with a free 14 day trial period to make sure we're a good fit for one another.

Every trial comes with 2 hours of free audio transcoding time to let you explore everything Shortwave has to offer.

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