Comparing podcast hosting platforms

Where should I host my podcast? What’s the best podcast hosting site? There’s some one of the most frequently asked questions in this medium, alongside “what shiny mic should I get?” and “why does my voice sound like that?”.

Not all shows will have the same needs, and not all platforms have the same features. There are quite a few great hosting platforms available. Below, we have the comparisons between Shortwave, and the other podcast hosting platforms available. And while we would love for you to experience Shortwave via our free trial, we hope that the information in these articles helps you make the best decision for your show’s needs. If you want to discuss the benefits of one hosting platform versus another, check out the Podcast Campfire discussion board.

Shortwave and audioBoom

audioBoom is a more recent podcast host that also offers dynamic ads. However it leaves the content of these ads up to advertisers, rather than the podcast creatyors. Learn more about the differences between Shortwave and audioBoom.

Shortwave and Blubrry

Blubrry creates a lot of different products and promotions in the podcast world. Check out the differentiators between Shortwave and Blubrry.

Shortwave and Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a free podcast host with some basic features. In this article we detail the differences between Shortwave and Buzzsprout.

Shortwave and Libsyn

Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) is a massive web hosting service which has been in the podcasting space since 2004. Check out the biggest differences between Shortwave and Libsyn.