Migrating Your Podcast

Ready to move from your current podcast host to Shortwave? That’s great - we’re excited to help you build your show. We’ve made it easy to move from any podcast host that follows iTunes standard RSS specifications to Shortwave with just a few clicks. You’ll only need the following:

  • A Shortwave account
  • Your current show’s RSS feed URL
  • Access to the iTunes account connected to your current feed
  • (Optional) Access to your current hosting platform

Let’s get started!

How to migrate your show

Migrating from another podcast host to Shortwave is easy! Once you’ve set up your Shortwave account, open up our podcast import tool and add your podcast’s current RSS feed URL. Our system will parse your feed and make sure you don’t lose any data in the import. You’ll have a chance to review everything we imported before creating your new feed.

How to find your current RSS

Your current RSS feed is what you initially submitted to services like iTunes to get your podcast listed. On a lot of hosts, it will include the text “feed”, “rss”, or “xml”. If you’re having trouble finding your feed URL with your previous host, please reach out to us and we’ll lend a hand.

Setting a feed redirect

If you already have an active feed in iTunes, Google Play Music, or other podcast listing platforms, and are migrating to Shortwave, you will need to update the feed so that it correctly pulls from your new Shortwave RSS feed. You will need to work with your previous hosting provider to set a redirect on your old feed.

Setting a new feed URL tag

If you’ve used the Shortwave import tool, we automatically have added an **** tag for you. If not, you should put your new feed URL (the same one you set as the redirect URL in your previous host) into this tag. You can find this option by finding your podcast in your Shortwave dashboard, selecting it, and navigating to "Edit Podcast." This tells iTunes to begin indexing the new URL, instead of the one already indexed.

Once you have validated that content you add to your feed in Shortwave is showing in iTunes, it is safe to remove this tag.

Changing content once you switch to Shortwave

It may take some time (usually no more than a day or two) for podcast listening platforms to register a feed change. During this time, new episodes you upload, or any content changes you make to your feed in Shortwave may not yet propagate to all users. If after a few days, you are still experiencing issues with feed content, please reach out us. We’re happy to help!

Resubmitting your feed

In order to get your new feed to propagate more quickly, it’s a good idea to also resubmit your feed URLs to the different podcast listing providers. You can follow our guides on how to resubmit your podcast.