Setting a new feed URL

Looking to move your podcast from Shortwave to another platform? We’re sad to see you go, but we can make the migration process easy, and make sure your listeners don’t experience any downtime.

How to migrate your show

The most important step is to make sure that your new feed URL is not missing any data.

Setting a feed redirect

In your Shortwave dashboard, find the show you want to migrate, select it, and navigate to the “Edit Podcast” link. At the bottom of the form, you will see an option to add a redirect URL. Make sure you are ready to begin sending listeners to your new feed before you save this change. Your feed’s URL will immediately begin redirecting to the new URL as soon as you click save.

Note: If you decide you are not ready to redirect your feed, simply remove the redirect URL from your podcast, and it will once again function normally.

Setting a new feed URL tag

In your new host, you should have an option to add an **** tag. You should put your new feed URL (the same one you set as the redirect URL in Shortwave) into this tag. This tells iTunes to begin indexing the new URL, instead of the one already indexed.

Changing content on your new host

It may take some time (usually no more than a day or two) for podcast listening platforms to register a feed change. During this time, new episodes you upload, or any content changes you make to your feed may not yet propagate to all users. If after a few days, you are still experiencing issues with feed content, please reach out us, or your new host.

Resubmitting your feed

In order to get your new feed to propagate more quickly, it’s a good idea to also resubmit your feed URLs to the different podcast listing providers. You can follow our guides on how to resubmit your podcast.