Getting Your Podcast Listed

Before you start

In order to get listed on any service, you must first validate that your podcast’s RSS feed is working correctly. You can find your podcast’s RSS feed link in Shortwave by following this tutorial: What is my podcast’s RSS feed.

If you’ve built your podcast via Shortwave, our guided creation and migration process will help mitigate any issues. If not, or if you’re still seeing issues, you can follow our feed validation tutorial.

Listing your podcast on different services

There are a lot of different platforms that you can submit your podcast to. If you’re looking to submit yours everywhere and get the maximum amount of exposure, you can find the submission links in our list of all podcatchers. But remember, not all podcatchers are created equal. Below, we’ve created guides on how to get listed on the platforms with the largest reach.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is the de facto platform for listening to podcasts. The majority of podcast listening is done via via Apple Podcasts/iTunes, and as much as 80% of iOS podcast listening is done via the Podcasts app, so you’ll want to start here.

Follow our guide to getting listed on Apple Podcasts.


Overcast is an alternative podcast listening client, with a few interesting features built in. Overcast does not require a manual listing process, as its listings are pulled from Apple Podcasts.

However, you can learn about the differences in what Overcast provides to you as a podcaster in our guide to Overcast.

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music Store is Google and Android’s alternative to iTunes and Apple Podcasts. Google now has its own native first-party podcast app, and its content comes from the Google Play Music library. This means that you must submit your podcast to Google Play Music in order to get in the ears of any Android listeners that want to use the default Google Podcasts app.

Follow our guide to getting listed on Google Play Music.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a directory of podcasts and an alternative listening client. Similar to Overcast or Stitcher, Pocket Casts typically will find your podcast once it is listed with Apple Podcasts. However, you can manually validate and submit your podcast to Pocket Casts, as well.

Follow our guide to getting listed on Pocket Casts.


Spotify is a media streaming service that began opening up podcast submissions in 2017. Though late to the game, Spotify has been investing heavily in their support of podcasts, and it’s become an important channel in acquiring more listeners.

Follow our guide to getting listed on Spotify.


Stitcher is a free app built as an alternative to the default podcast apps on moble devices. Stitcher is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and is a great resource for growing your audience. You have to make a partner account on Stitcher to get your podcast listed.

Follow our guide to getting listed on Stitcher.


TuneIn is an online radio and podcast player. Though it has a premium version, the free version is also a popular alternative to Apple Podcasts and Google Play. TuneIn also offers its own embeddable players for your show (psst, so does Shortwave).

Follow our guide to getting listed on TuneIn.

Validating your feed

Having problems?

Check out our detailed guide to validating your podcast’s RSS feed.