All the places to submit your podcast to in 2019

Submitting your podcast

Listing your podcast on podcatchers is how you begin to grow your audience. Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher are the places where listeners discover and subscribe to new podcasts. There are many places to list your podcast, and submitting to all of these apps can take some time. Many podcatchers have a manual review process to ensure only quality podcasts are listed. This process can seem tedious, but it's the most important step in finding an audince for your podcast.

What do I need to get started submitting my podcast?

If your show is already validated, you are ready to start submitting it to different platforms in order to get listed and build your audience. Podcatchers use your podcast's RSS feed to understand what your podcast is about, check for new episodes, and correctly stream audio to listeners. If you don't know how to retrieve your RSS feed, you can follow our guide to finding your RSS feed.

How to submit your podcast to all podcatchers

Which platforms really matter?

There are podcatchers that have a larger audience than others. If you don't want to list your show on all of the platforms above, check out our main syndication page for guides on how to submit your podcast to the podcatchers with the widest audience.