Getting Your Podcast Listed on Google Play Music

What is Google Play Music?

The Google Play Music Store is Google and Android’s alternative to iTunes and Apple Podcasts. You can most easily think of it as the Android half of the native podcast market. With Google’s new podcast app, it’s now an absolute must to get listed here to get exposure to Android listeners.

Why should you get listed on Google Play?

Google Play does not occupy the same amount of market share as Apple Podcasts, but it is an absolute must in order to get into the ears of Android listeners, especially since Google recently launched its own first-party Google Podcasts app, which gets its listings from the Google Play Music library.

How do you list your podcast on Google Play?

  • First, you will need a Google account. You can make one from the Google Play podcast portal.
  • Once you have an account, log in and click “Add podcast” in the upper right corner of the portal.
  • Next, add your podcast’s RSS feed. The location of this feed may vary based on your podcast provider. If you are using Shortwave to host your podcast, you can follow this tutorial to locate and copy your RSS feed: What is my podcast’s RSS feed. Once you’ve copied it it, click “Submit RSS feed.”
  • After you’ve submitted your RSS feed, review the email address used to verify ownership of your podcast. To verify that you own the podcast content you’re adding, you need to have an email address in the or field of your podcast’s RSS feed. (This will be in the feed already if you are using Shortwave to host your podcast.)
  • Click “Send verification code” to verify that you are indeed the owner of this podcast.
  • After you’ve added a podcast, Google’s team reviews it to ensure that it complies with their Podcast Terms of Service and Content and Conduct Policies for Podcasts on Google Play and is correctly labeled.
  • Once it has been accepted, your podcast will be available in the Google Play Music library. You can view its URL in your Google Play podcast portal.

If you find you’re hitting a snag with getting your podcast listed on the Google Play Music library, they have an excellent help center that you can contact here.