Getting Your Podcast Listed on Overcast

What is Overcast?

Overcast is a third-party podcast listening app, similar to Pocket Casts, or Stitcher. Unique to Overcast is the fact that you can make an account to use the service. This allows updates to podcast feeds to sync between devices, improved download speed, effect on battery life, and data usage. It also lets users log in via their website and continue listening to their curated set of saved podcasts.

Why should you get listed on Overcast?

As with other third-party apps, Overcast has gained popularity through its unique features, and design. Overcast does show some ads within its app, and has an annual subscription model for users who do not want to see/hear these. Overcast has a steadily growing userbase, and continues to add features. It also has built-in payment call-to-actions on podcast websites and app pages, which you can integrate with your donation feed of choice.

How do you list your podcast on Overcast?

You do not need to separately list your podcast on Overcast. If your podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and iTunes, it will show up on searches in Overcast. (Our guide to listing your podcast on Apple Podcasts and iTunes is here.) If you have an Overcast account, you can also add the podcast’s feed to your account, which may get your podcast to show up in Overcast’s search directory more quickly.