Getting Your Podcast Listed on TuneIn

What is TuneIn?

TuneIn is an online music, sports, talk, and podcast app. TuneIn has over 120K radio stations, and is a growing medium for podcast consumption.

Why should you get listed on TuneIn?

Like other third-party podcast apps, getting listed on TuneIn gets your show in front of more listeners. On top of that, TuneIn has its own listing and curation library, meaning that you have a greater chance of being found by listeners who like content similar to yours. TuneIn also has its own embed player and analytics tools.

How do you list your podcast on TuneIn?

TuneIn does not automatically pull your podcast from Apple or Google’s podcast listings, you have to add it manually. This process is very easy. Simply submit your podcast details to this form. If you are updating the information about a show already listen on TuneIn, make sure you have the show’s ID (ex. ‘p123456’) handy, and add it to the “comment” section of that form.

Since adding a show to TuneIn is a manual process, it can typically take a few days before you receive a response.

Using TuneIn’s embed player

One unique benefit of being listed on TuneIn is their embeddable episode player. If you are using Shortwave, you already have an embeddable episode player for all of your episodes, but if not, TuneIn is an option to get this functionality. Using their embed player will also give you access to your TuneIn-specific listener analytics through TuneIn’s Amplifier tool. You can find out more about Amplifier here.