How to validate your podcast RSS feed

Validating your podcast’s RSS feed

Before your podcast feed gets listed in iTunes and other podcast apps, you have to make sure your RSS feed is valid. An invalid feed can also keep your podcast from correctly updating when you make changes or add a new episode. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to help you validate your podcast’s RSS feed.

  • First, you’ll need to copy your podcast’s RSS feed URL. If you’re using Shortwave, you can find that by following the steps listed here: What is my podcast’s RSS feed.
  • Next, paste that feed into any one of these services: W3C Feed Validator, Podbase Validator Tool, CastFeedValidator, and If you already have a Podcasts Connect account set up, you can also check that your feed is valid by using the Podcasts Connect Dashboard.
  • Check for errors and warnings. Some warnings, like image size or short content may be acceptable. If you have no errors, your feed is considered valid.
  • If there are errors, you can edit the information that is not valid. If you are using Shortwave, you can reach out to us for help at [email protected].
  • Once you have fixed the errors, revalidate your podcast RSS feed using any of the tools above. If you continue to receive errors, contact Shortwave (or your hosting provider) for support.