Podcasting Guides

We believe that the future of podcasting comes from empowering creative individuals. So we are continuously adding more guides to help you start podcasting, pick the right hardware and software, distribute everywhere you can, and grow your podcast.

Getting started

Your first steps podcasting

Start here if you have never recorded a podcast before. This guide to getting started podcasting will help you get over the beginner's hump, and get you on the road to podcast stardom!

Podcasting tools

It doesn't take a whole lot of tools to podcast, but there are a lot of options in the few that you do need.

Check out our Software Guide to understand the different free and paid options for recording, interview, and editing software for podcasts.

Hosting platforms

You have to host your podcast somewhere! We've compiled this guide to help you compare different platforms and pick the one that fits your needs best.

If you're moving your podcast to Shortwave from another host, follow this tutorial: Moving your show to Shortwave from another host.

Going the other way? We hate to see you go, but you can use this tutorial to migrate your show out of Shortwave to another platform: Moving your show off of Shortwave

Getting listed

How to get listed in podcast directories

There are a lot of places where you can list your show. And the more you get onto, the bigger your potential audience becomes. It may seem like a big task, but we've broken down the top platforms and created guides for each. Start here: How and where to list your podcast for distribution.

One of the terms you will see most when listing your podcast on different distribution channels is RSS. Follow our guide to answering the question: What is a podcast RSS feed, and understanding how to use it.

Once you understand what an RSS feed is, you'll need to make sure yours is working correctly for all those platforms you want to distribute to. Follow our feed validation tutorial to make sure your RSS feed is in tip-top shape.